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Ruby On Rails Development Projects

Why Our Web Applications Use Ruby On Rails!


We have found that Ruby On Rails allows for extremely rapid development. Ruby On Rails offers speed increases of 100% to 1000% more than older platforms, depending on the project meaning that our time is reduced and your costs are minimised.

Basically Ruby On Rails encourages good development habits. Ruby On Rails is built on the most current proven design patterns and "best practices". Most of the time, Ruby On Rails actually makes it tough to make mistakes and to do things the wrong way, meaning that we can build much more reliable code for you.

SwirlWeb practices
test driven development, and Ruby On Rails makes test driven development automatic. Almost every line of code we write is fully tested by a comprehensive test suite so our code and consequently your web site is reliable and maintainable.

Our experienced developers have built Ruby On Rails applications for clients for over two years now and have taken to this platform like a duck to water. Ruby On Rails has served us and our clients extremely well in over twenty applications.

Design and usability - the critical aspects of any web project!
  Visual Design:
Design is, without doubt, the first thing that users notice when they come to a web site. A good design will build trust with customers and other users, and will make your site a much more pleasant experience. Using Ruby On Rails we create aesthetically pleasing designs without sacrificing usability.

Most importantly, if a site isn't easy to use, users will quickly leave. We build usable applications and designs, and provide usability consulting for existing sites.

HTML and CSS Design:
We've built CSS-driven, table-less layouts for a number of years.

We developed a custom CMS for maintaining the site. Also the site has a customer zone where customers can preview the work in progress. The project was developed in Ruby on Rails and JavaScript

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Seeport.com is a site designed to help technology developers find commercialization partners. Users sign up and create a profile using an Ajax interface The site also includes an integrated wiki and blog created using MediaWiki and Wordpress respectively.

What we did:
Designed the website, coded the interface, customized MediaWiki and Wordpress

What we used:
Ruby on Rails, MediaWiki, Wordpress, XHTML, CSS, and Photoshop

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Lingos.cc is a web-based translation service where customers enter text into the homepage and a real live bilingual translator translates it in under 24 hours. We
 Co-developed the concept, designed the interface, and coded the interface using Ruby on Rails templating.

What we did:
Co-developed the concept, designed the website, coded the design using Ruby on Rails templating, and authored all copy

What we used:
Ruby on Rails, XHTML, pure CSS for styling ("table-less"), Photoshop

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Our other projects on Ruby On Rails:




Note: All these projects were designed for Outsourcing Clients.