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About SwirlWeb

SwirlWeb was founded by Joe Bradley in 2006 to address the web hosting needs of the Internet Marketing community. While teaching a course in Internet Marketing, Joe realised that there did not appear to be any web hosting accounts available that provided the full range of services required by Internet Marketers at an affordable cost.

In 2005 Joe set out to provide the services required by his proteges through the SwirlWeb brand. However even now, Joe accepts that there is no one hosting package that will suit all requirements and has thus developed a range of packages to match the requirements of marketers at various levels of experience.

EXtend Hosting
The SwirlWeb eXtend Control panel packages were developed to provide a highly reliable and highly secure platform for web ste develpment. at affordable prices. These packages commenced wth the"New Start" package suitable for hosting one domain only, and proceded to the "Enterprise Professional","Internet Marketer Professional" and "Unlimited Professional" packages that were suitable for hosting multiple domains. The unlimited package also included unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. To provide the ultimate in stability and security all domains are true unique domains and not add-ons and precautions are in place on the servers to severely limit the adverse effect someone else's domain can have on your domain.

One of the best features of the eXend packages is the eXtend control panel itself. The very straightforward layout and simplicity hide a very powerful system and the panel is a joy to use for beginners and experienced marketers alike. Like all SwirlWeb packages full root access is provided so that the user has the total access required for his web site development..

The eXtend range is very suitable for most every day businesses and for those involved in the "Internet Marketing" arena..

CPanel Hosting
However there are some customers who are heavily into marketing products to Internet Marketers that have need of services suitable for very major product launches, multiple cron jobs, or cPanel compatibility and 777 permissions for maximum script compatibility. There are other customers who have got used to cPanel but want a better cPanel and a better service than they are getting at the moment.

For these customers SwirlWeb have developed the Ultimate Web Hosting package, the "Internet Marketer's Dream". This package includes unlimited bandwidth, unlimited diskspace, and unlimited add-on domains. It includes a full featured cPanel with 777 permissions allowed. It even includes a full multi-autoresponder mailing system that allows you to send sequential or broadcast emails to your customers or prospects so you get not one but two essential services in one at a very affordable cost.

So you can choose between the ultimate in rugged reliability with the eXtend packages (New Start, Enterprise, Internet Marketer or Unlimited Professional) or the ultimate for script-orientated Internet Marketers with the cPanel Internet Marketer's Dream